"MEINE KÄMPFE" Hörbuch – CD 1



"CRIMSON MASK" is the second documentary about TJ's life and his wrestling career by filmmaker Marco Eisenbarth. This is an entirely new film, not a "second part" or "recut" of "CUTTING DEEP" (Eisenbarth's first documentary about TJ from 2008). "CRIMSON MASK" features a ton of new material, interviews and extras (see below). You can buy both movies in the shop of this website.

Producer and director Marco Eisenbarth accompanied TJ to his death match retirement tour in the USA and Germany in March and April 2010. Follow TJ as he prepares for his last death matches and as he closes the wrestling chapter of his life for good after suffering a broken spine.


CRIMSON MASK Special Features:

- Chris Hero Interview (23 minutes)
- HATE Interview (28 minutes)
- "A History of Ultra Violence - The Saga of Thumbtack Jack vs. Drake Younger" (15 minutes)


Thumbtack Jack Tribute 1:


Thumbtack Jack Tribute 2:


Alexander Bedranowsky im Video-Interview mit Wrestling-Infos.de:


Thumbtack Jack beim "Sag was!"-Vodcast (Interview ab 00:02:53):


Thumbtack Jack Action Figure Animation:

This animation of a custom made Thumbtack Jack action figure was made by assui88 (subscribe to her YouTube channel).


TJ talks trash about Danny Havoc's wife:


vs. Danny Havoc (MV):


vs. DJ Hyde (MV):


vs. Scotty Vortekz (Replays):


GSW Breakthrough Title Tournament (MV):


vs. Bad Bones (Full Match):


vs. Sternau (Finish):